Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Making Memories

In my early childhood, my Dad and I would get out our little yellow fishing boat and head out to Wilson Dam to fish. We made a lot of memories out there on the water. As I got to my teen years, Dad was elected Superintendent of Education, a time devouring job. Needless to say, between my rebelious teenagerness and Dad's job obligations, we fished little the next couple of years.

Ever since I got Boat Fever and bought my own boat, I have been thinking about all those times that Dad and I fished. A few weeks ago, I mentioned something about the boat to him, thinking it had been sold long ago. Not so. He and I went to my Grandmother's barn in Killen, put on some new tires, and brought that Construction Yellow baby home. Dad spent some time cleaning it, getting it registered (for the first time since it's last registration in 1995!) and getting the little outboard running again.

This afternoon, Dad and I went fishing for the first time in ages. Long overdue by any estimation. I am really looking forward to making up for lost time and catching a few fish with my Dad. Here are some pics from our outing today. By the way, the fish count was Dad-20, Kam-0. I had a blast.

It works!
Nice Bluegill