Friday, October 2, 2009


This morning, I went with Ashleigh to a doctor's appointment in Birmingham. The ride down was good as we listened to Rick and Bubba the whole way. Jim Caviezel was on promoting his project of the Bible on CD.
As Ashleigh went in to the doctor's office, I waited in the car to hear the rest of the interview. I sat in the parking lot with my window half down minding my own business. That's when a guy comes by the car, seeing my Auburn pullover, mumbles something then follows it up with "Y'all are getting beat this weekend." I thought it odd, that someone I barely noticed went out of their way to prove his disdain for my team.
I brushed it off, and went back to the radio. About a minute passed and he walks back by my car, stops and says, "It's back to the red-headed-step-children for Auburn. They won't be good ever again." I replied, "Well, I guess that's one way of looking at it." He said, "They ain't beat nobody. West Virginia gave the game away. You're going to lose this weekend." I bit my toungue as he stared with disdain into my car. He finally walked off. I went back to my radio.
By this time, I ran through my head the absolute joy that I felt he was not a fellow Auburn fan. The third and final trip by my car went like this. "Y'all are going to lose this weekend (the third proclamation by the Nostradomus of Football). I want you to come back Monday and tell me how bad y'all are."
Some people...