Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Anyanhasio. That (or something close to that) is a Korean greeting like "Hello" or "Nice to See you." At least I'm hoping that's what it means because I am saying it to everyone. Today is day 6 of my Tour de Asia, and I am soooo ready to be home. Even though I spent a lot of time here last year, I have seen even more that I didn't see last time. One of the coolest things I have seen are the Korean painters who will take a picture and turn it into a painting. I mean, these people are amazing. Here is one example of a local guy with a store in the shopping district. You can watch him from the street and he is phenomenal. All of the paintings are even better than the original pictures. Some, he has taken multiple pictures and combined them into one painting. My favorite example is of a young lady hugging the late Tupac Shakur. It's classing really. In the window are two pictures; one of this young lady hugging a friend, and the other of another young lady hugging Tupac. Through extreme talent, this fan has a lasting reminder of someone else's experience. What a treasure!


Anonymous said...

He is good. Cheese straw nasty!

Joy said...

So can we expect to see a new painting hanging in your living room of you & some really cool famous person like a dead rapper? I think Ashleigh would LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

Joy, he sent me a message saying he was going to do one similar to the dogs playing poker, but with him, Bo Jackson, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. It should be really classy! I just hope he's kidding.