Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

If I was a songwriter who loved Spring, I'd definitely have had the inspiration to write a hit over these last two weeks.  This has been just lousy weather.  Ashleigh and I have been checking the weather every 15 minutes looking for a chance to head out to the lake.  We are 0-fer thus far.  I'm just hoping we don't go through another Summer drought this year.  That would be a shame given these last two weeks.

And for Joy, pics of the boat.


Jason said...

The boat looks great!

Joy said...

thanks Kam! now i'm really jealous...real nice! although there's nothing like being out on your boat with everyone sitting in lawn chairs =) WOW, we're way more redneck than i even realized!

hope this weather clears up for ya'll! i guess it's like when we sodded (is that a word?) our yard we had a bought a boat so it's gonna do nothing but rain. God definitely has a sense of humor!