Thursday, December 16, 2010

Today's Lesson is a Double Issue

The last 24 hours has presented me with ample opportunity for blogging ammo. I have been the victim of three people with no sense of etiquette or personal space.

Bumzo #1. On my plane ride from Dallas to Bham, I had the aisle while Bumzo 1 had the window. Bumzo was late getting on the plane and put his jacket in the overhead bin. After the flight attendants had made their obligatory announcements and had prepared for takeoff. At this moment Bumzo decided that he needed something out of said jacket. Against my better judgement I agreed. Shortly after we stood up, the head flight attendent made the announcement on the PA, "Gentlement, if you will be seated, we can take off." Fool me once....

Bumzo #2 (actually 2a and 2b). Ashleigh and I went to see a classic Christmas movie in an old the old Alabama Theatre. Shortly after we are seated, a couple comes in with drinks in hand. Before the movie started, they were giggling and commenting on everything on the screen. Once the movie started, it became painfully clear that they had never been to a movie before. Ashleigh and I went to stage 3 of movie adgitation (1. Ahemming and turning your head, 2. Head turn and eye roll, 3. Flat out "shooshing".) These folks repeated every funny line (no inside voice, mind you) and carried on their own conversation. Fool me twice....

Bumzo #3. This morning Ashleigh and I went to Rick and Bubba in the Golden Ticket Seats. Bumzo 3 sat next to me on the end of a row. Right away, he proved that he, like Bumzos 2a and 2B, lacked an inside voice. In fact, he also repeated everything he thought was funny. Like Bumzo 1, he had no concept of sharing armrests. Apparently, Diet Coke makes him gassy, because he burped on me repeatedly. His lack of personal space recognition culminated in his leg molesting mine. He sat spread out with his left leg all on my side of my chair. I am practically hugging Ashleigh and his leg is nearly halfway into my chairspace just bouncing away. Fool me three times...I'm out.

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