Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thumbs up, Thumbs down

Ashleigh and I have been on a little bit of a movie kick lately and I figured I'd give you the dish.

Yes Man - I went in to this movie with relatively high expectations and they were met. Although Jim Carey is getting older, he still has what it takes to play almost any character. His character here is different from almost anything I've seen him do. Verdict: Since this movie is out of the theaters already, I'd say put it at the top of your Netflix queue.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop - Pretty low expectations going in to this one, and I was quite surprised with how much I enjoyed it. This flick is aimed at pre-teens/teens, and is relatively clean language-wise. Verdict: Skip the theater and put it in your 2nd tier Netflix queue.

Grand Torino - Wow! This movie was much better than I expected. The language was horrible, but the message was outstanding. Clint Eastwood plays a 75 year old Dirty Harry (and he looks older than that) making things right in his neighborhood. Verdict: If you are not politically correct and can overlook bad language, I'd go see it in the theater. BTW, we saw this on the Prive' screen at Monaco...probably 40% larger screen and better seats than the normal venues (at a 40% premium ticket price).

What we've seen on Cable.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - A classic that Ashleigh and I both really liked. The interaction between Paul Newman and Robert Redford is so unexpected. I'd say that even if you don't like "westerns" but you like comedies, you like this flick. It's more of a comedy than anything. Verdict: DVR it today.

Juno - A modern society view of teenage pregnancy that turns a bad situation into kind of a jovial one (if that's possible). Not a bad flick, and I could do without the swearing, but not bad overall. Verdict: If it's on HBO, and you have time watch it.

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Jason said...

Butch Cassidy is a classic. I actually own the DVD. I could watch it anytime.

Sunny and I have been wanting to see Juno. We rented Burn After Reading last night. It was terrible. I usually love the Coen brothers, but this one was awful. We turned it off halfway through. It had plenty of language and some other stuff, but the plot was pretty middling, too.