Monday, November 17, 2008

Bad boys, bad boys. Whatchya gonna do?

We love them, but sometimes....mmmm...I just want to do things that have PETA on my doorstep in a hurry. Brinkley, our 3 year old golden retriever, is a great dog. He's loving, easy going, and protective of our property. Troup, our 1 year old English springer spaniel, is also loving and unbelievably adorable. Also, he lets us know that sirens are going off in the distance as he does his best howling imitation (I hope to get video of this). However, in his one year of living in our backyard, Troup has totally ridded us of the lattice underneath our screened in porch and created foxholes that General Patton would be proud of. Given the rainy weather lately, Troup has also found ways to dig those holes next to the fence, where he can get out and explore. The good thing is that he doesn't go far. The bad thing is that he always finds trash and brings it back in to our yard for his own personal experiments on just how many pieces can a newspaper be torn in to. On top of all this, he gets muddy (exhibits below). Thank goodness that our neighbors are unbelievably nice. Mr. Slifka chased Troup back into the yard today and put rocks up to block the holes. Stealing a line from Tommy Boy, Troup better pray to the god of adorable dogs that he is so cute.

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Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

I'm sorry but the first picture would be enough for me to let it slide....that face ;) It is just too cute!