Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Without the Internet...

I was doing some research yesterday on my Grandfather. I did the normal thing and Googled his name. I came up with exactly one matching hit. Sadly, that hit was a link to the Antioch Cemetery. Antioch is the community that I grew up in. Luckily, I happened to grow up within 100 yards of my Grandmother (my Grandfather died when I was 4). Back to him.... I know very little about him, and from what I know he was a great man. Not one for the history books, but a great man anyway. He served his country in World War II. He worked at the Ford plant in the Shoals, and he worked tirelessly on his farm. A God-fearing man, he raised two daughters (one of course is my mom) and was a spiritual leader in his home and community. He lost his battle with cancer at a relatively young age of 65. Nothing extraordinary, but at the same time there was nothing ordinary about him. The result of his labor is fruited in his family: strong work ethics, committed family love, and every one of his decendents are followers of Christ. How amazing is that? If people like my grandfather were "the norm", how great a place would this be? That being said, I want to make it right. Albert Leo Peck now has a respectable Google hit.

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Sunny said...

Welcome to the blogging world!

I loved reading about your grandfather!

I love the pics at the bottom of your pets. They are gorgeous!