Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Acceptance Speech

Below is not really a blog, but I have neglected this baby for a while so I guess I'll toss out some fodder. Anyway, below is my acceptance speech given for winning the 2008 Air Defense Team Fantasy Football Championship.

First of all, I'd like to thank the commissioner of the Fantasy Football League, Mark Bell, for his leadership over this season. Secondly, I'd like to thank my fellow competitors for a great season and the sportsmanship that was shown out there on the field. Lastly, I just have to take a minute and talk about my team. The season started off pretty shaky. At the lottery, my ball was drawn last. At the draft, I was the target of several laughs for picking Jay Cutler, Ronnie Brown and others (who's laughing now?). On several occasions, I had to call on back-ups to pick up the slack and I'm happy to say they did. You know, after that first loss to Bell's Ballers, Tony Romo called a team meeting and told the team to get on his back. Unfortunately, the next week, he went down with a broken pinkie. Chad Pennington took Romo's spot and played beautifully. And when Roy Williams went to the Cowboys, never to start again, Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Smith called a "Offensive Player Only" meeting. Every day, they were in the weight room; the running backs performing agility drills and the receivers and tight ends ran more routes than I can count.

I'm saddened that this season had to come to an end, but I will never forget this team or this championship.

Thank you all.

Kam Walker
2008 Fantasy Football Champion (Winner of the Regular Season, Point Total, and Playoff)

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I'm glad you have time to blog about things like this.